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Board of Examiners

As a Governor's Quality Award examiner you will receive:

  • three days of formal classroom training on how to evaluate an application;
  • training on how to conduct site evaluations, evaluate quality improvement programs and prepare feedback reports;
  • first-hand knowledge of the evaluation process that is invaluable for use in assessing quality systems;
  • the opportunity to work with and establish a network of quality professionals; and
  • exposure to a variety of improvement strategies and techniques.

In addition to these benefits, the examiner will play a key role in Arkansas' efforts to apply the Baldrige concepts at the state level. The Board of Examiners will have a direct role in determining the award recipients.

Selection of Members to the Board of Examiners

To be considered, applicants must have knowledge and experience in process improvement techniques and a reputation for ethical conduct and integrity. Qualifications include broad knowledge of quality practices and improvement strategies, length, breadth and types of experience, communication skills, education and training, and activities and achievements. Coverage and balance of all sectors are important considerations in selection because applicants represent the entire state. Accordingly, efforts are made to ensure broad participation and to avoid disproportionate involvement by one industry or employees from a single company. Due to this policy, it is possible that some highly qualified applicants may not be selected.

To access the on-line application for new applicants to the 2015 Board of Examiners, please click on the link below:

2016 Board of Examiners Application.

To access the on-line application for examiners who have previously served on the Board of Examiners, please click below.

Online Application

Ethical Standards of Conduct

Board members are expected to carry out their duties and responsibilities in the program in accordance with the Code of Ethical Standards. Members of the Governor's Quality Award Board of Examiners pledge to uphold their professional principles in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Members of the Governor's Quality Award Board of Examiners shall be individually responsible for preventing conflicts of interest in situations. Prior to participating in evaluations affecting a specific organization, board members will certify that no conflict of interest exists. Examples of conflicts of interest are: major stock holdings or interest in the subject organization; competitor organization; having the organization as a past, present or likely future client; and other affiliations that could influence the examiner's actions with respect to the subject organization.

Time Commitment

Applicants for the Board of Examiners should give careful consideration to the time commitment required to meet the award process schedule. The actual commitment will depend on the number of applications reviewed and whether the examiner participates in site visits.

Although the program seeks to accommodate the varying schedules, board members must be able to commit to the program's critical review periods detailed in the award time line below.

A person who is considering applying to become a member of the Governor's Quality Award Board of Examiners should be aware that four to eight days of time may be required in addition to training to fulfill the commitment between April and August with a peak workload from June through August.

Review of written applications is carried out at the examiner's work location or home. Business is also conducted by mail, e-mail and telephone. Travel is necessary only for training and site visits. All examiners are expected to fully participate in the independent review, consensus review, site visit (if assigned) and the feedback report preparation.

Examiner Training

The examiner training is provided without charge to accepted applicants. Examiner training is critical to the program's success, as it includes detailed review of the criteria, evaluation process, consensus development, site visit requirements and Code of Ethical Standards. All Board of Examiner members must successfully complete the two-day examiner training class. Special classes will not be provided for those who cannot attend.  First- and second-year examiners are required to attend a one-day new examiner training class. 

A pre-course assignment is mailed as the first step toward the successful completion of the training class. This pre-course assignment must be completed prior to the scheduled training class or the candidate will not be allowed to participate in the training course.  A pre-course assignment for the introductory class must be completed as well.  The pre-course assignment will be in conjuction with the assignment for the two-day examiner training.

Optional Fee-Paid Attendance

For individuals who would like to take advantage of this examiner training and not participate on the Board of Examiners, it is offered on a space availability and fee basis. The pre-course assignment must be completed prior to the scheduled training class or the individual will not be allowed to participate in the training class. Fee for the three-day training class, including all materials, lunches and refreshment breaks, is $995. This fee may be refunded if the individual initially meets the qualifications to become an examiner and then chooses to fully participate as an examiner after attending the class. Individuals will be notified of their qualification acceptance upon receipt of the Board of Examiner application. Refunds will be made after the feedback report is received and evaluated and full participation is documented. Fee-paid participants will be accepted and confirmed on space availability after all accepted examiner candidates are assigned to classes.


All applications for the Board of Examiners of the Governor's Quality Award will be judged on the individual qualifications of the applicant. Candidates are expected to meet the highest standards of expertise, experience, achievement and peer recognition.

Qualifications will be judged primarily on the following:

  • Experience in the criteria categories
  • Work experience
  • Education/training
  • Areas of expertise
  • Achievements and activities

ASQ Certification

ASQ Certified Quality Engineers, Reliability Engineers and Quality Auditors may earn up to 5.1 recertification credits for participating in this program, provided it is covered under one area of the body of knowledge in which you are seeking recertification or is job enhancement.