Receive year-round training from the Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence.

Learn how to write an application for a Governor’s Quality Award.  Or if you’re not interested in award, learn how to write a self-assessment of your processes in the interconnected categories of Leadership; Strategy; Customers; Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; Workforce, Operations, and Results your using the Baldrige Excellent Framework.

Applicant Training I – The Organizational Profile and Basic Baldrige Concepts

The starting point for writing an application and self-assessment, an Organizational Profile, a three-to five-page snapshot of an organization.  It identifies key influences on operations and competitive environment.  Gain a better knowledge of basic Baldrige concepts and how they can help in writing a profile that accurately identifies key organizational characteristics – the basis for preparing an award application.

This training is for all applicants at all award levels. 

Applicant Training II – Key Processes and Their Results

Identifying the most important processes that contribute most to organizational performance improvement and result in key outcomes or performance results will be the focus of this training.  Dissect key processes for systematic approach, organizational deployment, learning through evaluation and integration through alignment of other processes.  Focus will be given to using the most critical performance results to find levels for meaning measurement, trends of three years or more, comparison to competition and show integration of other important results.

This training is for applicants at the Commitment, Achievement and Governor’s award levels.

Applicant Training III – Preparing your Achievement/Governor’s Application

With over 200 questions in the Baldrige Excellence Framework, it is important to fully respond to questions to provide information requested.  However, not every question needs a response.  Learn how to provide complete answers that are appropriate to each individual organization without the appearance of a gap in performance.

This training is for applicants at the Achievement and Governor’s award levels. 

Applicant Training III – Preparing your Commitment Application

Commitment Award applicants write an application answering a specific set of questions from the Baldrige Builder.  How to answer those questions completely to receive maximum feedback results and determine level of award will be discussed.

This training is for Commitment Award level applicants.

Governor’s Quality Award Board of Examiners

Become a member of the Governor’s Quality Award Board of Examiners.  You’ll receive intensive training on how to assess an award application.  Benefits include:

  • training on how to conduct site evaluations, evaluate quality improvement programs and prepare feedback reports;
  • first-hand knowledge of the evaluation process that is invaluable for use in assessing quality systems;
  • the opportunity to work with and establish a network of quality professionals; and
  • exposure to a variety of improvement strategies and techniques.
Examiner Training I

A mandatory training, new examiners are taught the basic principles of assessing an application for the Governor’s Quality Award Program.

Examiner Training II

Receive in-depth training with your assigned team members which prepares you to analyze applications for award, create comments for the feedback report and work together with your team to come to consensus on award level.

Working together with industry partners, AIPE offers training through workshops and seminars on topics that affect specific industries.

  • Governor’s Quality Award Healthcare Seminar
  • ISO 9001:2015 Workshops 
  • Organizational Profile – Leveraging your Organizational Profile for Strategic Planning
  • Cybersecurity Workshops

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