Through the Institute you will receive training specific to your industry that will enhance your company’s performance improvement. Annual workshops, seminars, and webinars cover a variety of topics or can be tailored to meet a specific business need.


The Institute will provide you a customized organizational and systems assessment to use in transformational and innovative change. As an award applicant you will receive an in-depth assessment of your organization prepared by an experienced examiner team.


The Governor’s Quality Award Program recognizes high performing organizations who apply at one of four award levels. In addition to state-wide recognition, you will receive a feedback report that can be used to drive continuous improvement.
“When we began this process a little over five years ago, we “thought” we were pretty good at what we did. Going through the Governor’s Quality Awards process quickly taught us that just thinking we were good wasn’t good enough. Our standards are higher now, as is our ability to meet them. DD&F is a better company than it was five years ago. I would encourage any organization or business that is truly committed to excellence to consider getting involved.”

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